>the radiation from the screen is hurting my eyes. i love it.
>who up gamer gaming
>the language for kings
>use gimp tranoid
>sick song but whats a 14 year old doing living under a bridge
>i fw theme nigga. keep it up admin. maybe add a name field too perchance. no pressure. -love bubba_man_9000
>thats not true
>sorry, no tits for you, beta
>brazil sopa macaco
>ya'll are a bunch of humies
>so does that mean heaven?
>stop posting ponnies
>brandon is rotting. let him.
>especially not you.
>also did it have a popup error or was the page blank when it reloaded?
>what is this place?
>the gateway
>~to ur mommies niggerhol :3
>ugh admin whyd you delete my spam post???? that was a good one lol
>From the moment I understood the weakness of my flesh, it disgusted me.
>there are brothers everywhere to those with the eyes to see them
>worship lain
>nah man just going to love her instead
>how can i get lain to love me
>idk be nice to her or something
>porn addiction is a meme
>lift read gain become a machination that you hate so much have a change